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[writing] a new "no"; change of WOTF plans

douglascohen noted a few days ago that he had picked up the new slush batch and back came my submission today, with what looks like a stock "no" (this is my first submission to Realms of Fantasy, but the "no" format looks pretty standard). A bit quick, alas, but I'll just have to try again with the next one. And get this one back out somewhere else.

As for WOTF, the rewrite of "Diwali" is going much slower than anticipated so I think I'm going to switch gears and submit something else for this quarter. I've got some minor changes to do on that one, then out it goes. This also means I'll spend this weekend getting stories organized and out on Monday, because currently I'm down to only 4 stories circulating. And that Just Won't Do.

In July, my plan is to go to one new story a week and two submissions a week (new story and rewrite). I will be a very busy busy boy.
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