jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

a day spent moving wood around

While at my Mom's yesterday, I picked up two dressers that had been in the family for many years. After the initial surprise that I had actually brought them home (a little miscommunication on my part), we figured out how to change around the bedroom and the kids' rooms to do a furniture cascade.

So today was moving day. We've moved furniture for 6 hours and I'm beat. Since I used to keep my t-shirts on a shelf in the closet, I now have to figure out which of my t-shirts I'm laying off as there isn't enough room in the new dresser. Expect the T-Shirt Unemployment Index to rise until they (possibly) find new homes.

Tonight we have dinner and watch the finals of the Euro 2008 futbol (soccer) competition. Should be excellent.
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