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[writing] a massive act of submission

I just finished off one massive act and submitted 10 stories today. 3 went in on paper (to WOTF, Analog, and F&SF) and 7 electronically (to DrabbleCast, Flash Fiction Online, Ideomancer, Weird Tales, Baen's Univerase, Strange Horizons, and Coyote Wild).

In one fell swoop, I now have 14 stories out in the market. My previous high was 8 stories. This makes sure I have lots of stories out and fulfills my submission goals for the month (at the last minute, of course).

I still have a bunch of "desk" stories, including some that aren't completely hideous, that I'll be trying to get out. Also, I'm going to go "a story a week" for July/August. Just because.

Now I'm rather tired, but I'll see if I can finish off "Robot in Furs" before I plummet.
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