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the sad saga of the baby birds, along with squirrel necromancy

The Baby Birds

Just outside our front door, on our porch, are two metal stands that have ivy growing all over them, as you can see from this view out the front door.

During the last few summers, we've seen a bird building what looks like a nest in the ivy on the left. This year, the existence of the nest was confirmed by the happy chirping of baby birds in the morning and at night. It was loud enough we heard it in our bedrooms (also near the front of the house). We could peek through the blinds and see the mother bird in the nest with the babies, flying in and out to bring them food. It was cool.

Here's three pictures, 2 blurry and one kind of clear (you try taking pictures while standing on a stone planter and sticking a phone in there without bugging the birds).

But we were also worried, because of the hobo cats we know lurk around the yard. If those cats ever figured out there were birds in the ivy, surely they'd get them. We thought about getting the birds out of the nest and taking them to C's parents, who have done wildlife care and bird rescue in the past. But we hadn't seen the cats lurking around the ivy so we thought things were okay.

Alas, we were wrong. The day after Old Cat reappeared, the baby birds were gone. There wasn't a chance they had flown away, as they weren't ready to leave the nest. It was a sad moment when we realized what had happened. If only we'd acted sooner.

Squirrel Necromancy

Walking A to day care the other day, we passed some odd looking goop on the sidewalk. When I took a close look I realized it was organs from some animal, probably a squirrel.

Going to get A in the afternoon, I brought the phone and took these pictures.

I'm guessing kidneys. I'm wondering what strange acts of squirrel-based necromancy occurred in the night, and why the kidneys weren't necessary. And I'm looking a little suspiciously at the hobo cats, given their assumed involvement in the baby birds incident above.

Finally, so that we can end on a somewhat up note, here's a picture of a bunch of squished goldfish crackers on the walk near the guts.

So far, we're assuming the hobo cats weren't involved in this one. Then again, you never know.

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