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[writing] June 2008 Summary; July 2008 Plans

June Summary
- 3 stories finished (plan was 2-3)
- 2 stories started (plan was 1)
- 5 stories revised (plan was 4)
- 2 stories were critiqued (plan was 2)
- 2 stories were sent out for critique (plan was 2)
- 5 critiques were done by me (plan was 8)
- 11 submissions were made, 6 stories joined the "out" pool (plan was 5 subs with 5 new stories)
- 3 submission results, all "no" (no plan here)
- 8106 new words; 5803 words revision credit
- Race Points: 14

Overall, the month was above plan on everything except the number of critiques I did. That was mainly because I didn't keep up with the Critters plan of 1/week. But the month can be considered a success, even if a bunch of the submissions were at the end of the month and even if the actual word output was lower than other months. But hey, if it works, it works.

- I finished 3 stories: "And in the Deep Dark There Was A Bright Light"; "Underneath the Skin, the Flesh Was Weak"; "Robot in Furs"
- I started 2 stories: ""And in the Deep Dark There Was A Bright Light"; "Underneath the Skin, the Flesh Was Weak"
- I revised five stories: "The Presidential Book of the Dead"; "The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Thirumala Naidu"; "Crow and Samoset (or, Now and Then)"; "Cat, Owl, Cigarette"; "Visiting the Ladies Room Exhibit at the Human Museum"
- Two stories were critiqued: "Old Town, Old Man, New Man, New Town" (by Critters); "The Presidential Book of the Dead" (by SacSpecFic)
- Two stories were sent out for critique: "The Presidential Book of the Dead"; "Breaking Through"
- I did five critiques: 2 for Critters, 3 for SacSpecFic
- I did 11 submissions, 6 of them new stories being sent out into the world. No details given here.
- I received three submissions results, all "no", from Polyphony 7, Weird Tales and Realms of Fantasy
- I wrote 8106 new words and received 5803 words of revision credit.
- Race Points on June 30: 14 (14 stories out)

July Plans
- Finish 4 stories
- Start 4 stories
- Revise 4 stories
- Send 2 stories out for critique
- Critique 10 stories (7 for Critters, 3 for SacSpecFic)
- Submit 8 stories
- Race Points: more than 20 by end of month

The biggest change is that I'll be going to "a story a week" for the next two months. I think this can play out, but it will take more time. I want to submit all the stories written in July, plus get 4 more stories out. July will be busy, in a good way.
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