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nearly a car-free day, with coyote, and writing

After a weekend that was way busier than I'd ever thought it would be (and thus the lack of LJ posts), I just about had a car-free day today. Both took and picked up A from Kids Klub on the bike, and it was finally non-hot and non-smoky enough that E and I could ride to Sac State for her ATS class.

The ride on the Bike Trail was very nice, and we saw a small coyote! It was loping along the trail, not worrying at all about the people or strange machines that zipped by. No picture alas, I didn't have my cell phone handy. I tried on the way back, but it was long gone...

Speaking of wolf-like things, over the weekend I finished the first draft of "Full Moon with Rufus Macreedy and the Alabama Howl" and sent it off to SacSpecFic. We'll be talking about it Wednesday night then I will decide its fate and put it in the schedule to move out into the world. It's an ... interesting ... story. Very different from my usual style of writing. It certainly was a lot of fun to do.

Finally, I got a "no" back from Asimovs today with the comment "well-written, but not enough story here for me." I can see the point, as it was a very experimental piece and only about 1600 words. I don't think I'll revise it, though, but just send it out again and see what happens.
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