jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

really just terrible scam spam, just terrible

A piece of scam spam made it through the Yahoo spam filters (usually very good, even too aggressive at times) and into my Yahoo mail account.

It purported to be from citibank asking me to confirm that the "recent money transfers" were made by me.

Of course, if I did not "effectuated the money transfers" I can confirm by "logging to my account and filling up the verification procedure here".

No logo in the email, no pictures, just text and a link. The very fancy looking link (with https and web.da-us.citibank and all sorts of fancy internet stuff) actually goes to a redirect off "".

Here's McGuff Roofing, which is in Muncie *and* Huntington, Indiana:

I apologize to McGuff if they're real but even that picture looks fake, like someone photoshopped a blocky "McGuff" logo on top of a random picture of a building.

Needless to say, I certainly didn't click on the link and most certainly did not "fill up the verification procedure". Sometimes, I'm amazed that anyone falls for this stuff.
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