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space videos so cool they're beyond cool

NASA released two videos of the moon passing in front of Earth, as seen from space. Specifically, they're made from images taken by the Deep Impact probe which is about 31 million miles away (about the orbit of Mars).

Obviously, if you're 31 million miles away Earth doesn't look this close. Based on approximate size of the moon compared to approximate size of the moon at night I'd guess this would be the view from a distance about 2-3X the moon orbit (about 600K - 900K miles from Earth).

Imagine yourself in a spaceship out beyond the moon and looking back at Earth. This is what you'd see. Awesome. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

(Apologies for the autoplay. I did well enough just to figure out how to embed the Quicktime movie.)

Full article about the videos (from NASA site). Thanks to jaylake for linking to the article.

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