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HEROES: ".07%" (April 23) [SPOILERS]

HEROES was at first a guilty pleasure, but now it's become a show that I enjoy watching. I actually now even start trying to figure out what's going on and what's going to happen. In this respect, it seems fairly straightforward and you get the sense that the writers have a plan. This is opposed to, say, THE X-FILES, where you got the sense that after a while they were just making it up, piling it on, and trying to keep the franchise going (and the fans were shoveling and saying "there has to be a pony in here somewhere...")

My one complaint about HEROES is that there's not a lot of "heroing" going on. It's a pretty dour (at times, whiney) show. Yes, they're supposedly going to "save the world" but what about the little stuff. At least Hiro has the right attitude, which is why I think he's the most popular character.

This week's show, ".07%", starts the buildup to the season finale where the show will deal with the fact that someone is supposed to explode...

Wouldn't it be a blast if someone actually did explode and NYC was demolished? I don't think it's going to happen, because it would be a bit much for your audience to absorb (and would drive the special effects budget sky high), but it would be an impressive bit of chutzpah from the show-makers.

Too bad there wasn't more of a knock-down drag-out between Peter and Sylar. I'm sure we all wanted to see 10 minutes of back and forth between the two and see Peter pick up a bunch of new powers as Sylar used them (ice-power, etc).

Note to Mohinder: For a smart guy, you're pretty dopey at times! Sylar is on the floor, knocked out. Bash his brains out! Put a stake through his heart! Get rid of him! If Mohinder has enough time to drag Peter out of there, he has enough time to kill Sylar. Sheesh. Also, shouldn't Mohinder get a little suspicious when someone comes from Primatech Paper and it's not HRG?

(Disclaimer: The actor playing Mohinder, Sendhil Ramamurthy, went to the same small K-12 school I went to, Keystone School in San Antonio, Texas. My mom taught him in 5th and 6th grade. He was a very smart and very nice kid. I have no beef with him. IT's just that the way Mohinder is written drives me bonkers at times.)

The Peter "death" scene was a little corny because we the audience knew what was going to happen, but you have to give the other characters (mom, Nathan, Claire) their natural reaction to the event.

I liked the Isaac death scene and his attitude in the "face-off" with Sylar. It was refreshing to not have the screaming (at least, not until the end). You had to like the fact that Sylar was a pretty bad painter. It would have been really funny if his abilities had been at the level of stick figures - what did Sylar paint? who knows? Can't tell! "I really need to take some art lessons."

Is the Sylar "voice" supposed to mean something, or is it just dramatic license? As we know, he did *not* get Eve's power.

You have to believe that Candace (the illusionist) is not long for this earth once Jessica/Niki figures out what happened. In fact, Jessica is supposedly pretty savvy and she should have figured it out immediately once sassy Candace went by the car being all sassy.

At first, I wasn't fond of the "strings" in Future Hiro's place but once I thought about it I started liking it. It's a nice way to represent the flow of people's lives and how they interconnect with each other. If you were trying to figure out the past and where you (a time traveler) needed to act, I could see it working pretty well.

I got the sense that Linderman's paintings were not just interesting, but were also past representations of people with "special abilities". This would explain why he also said he was "preserving history", given the history is also the history of his own kind (hey, Linderman's a special! No surprise if you've been reading the graphic novel).

Next week: five years in the future. This should be pretty impressive. NYC is devastated, specials on the run with HRG hiding them, Nathan (is it Nathan?) is President and has apparently gone power-mad. And where will Sylar be in all this? Originally, Sylar was the one who exploded (meaning he got Ted's powers) but is that still the case now that they've saved the cheerleader?

Interesting teaser quote: "I'm the leader of the free world. I'm the most special person there is." Doesn't that "special person" phrasing sound like Sylar? And if he could get Candace's "illusionist" power, it's a completely reasonable possibility.

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