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a short post of short bits

(because it's been a busy weekend and I have more writing to do tonight)

1. Took the kids down to Old Sac today and we went to the Railroad Museum. It's a neat place. I often forget how much raw history Sacramento possesses, with respect to the Gold Rush, Westward Expansion, immigration, statehood, and railroading. There's a lot of stories (and material for stories) there, if only I'd start digging into it.

2. Apparently Joss Whedon doesn't like happy endings, or didn't when he was making "Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog". Sheesh, Josh, who kicked your dog? I thought "Dr. Horrible" was fun, but I also had some issues with it which I'll cover in a future post.

3. Went to B Street Theatre last night and saw "Almost, Maine" (which amazingly has its own web site.).

The play, a collection of scenes about different relationships in a small town in Maine, was cute. The couples were cute when they met, cute when they declared love, cute when they almost broke up (except for one scene which was bitter and hard and felt very out of place).

But that was about it, there wasn't much more depth to the play than "cute". It was fun to watch, there were humorous moments, the actors were all appealing, but at the end you said "that was cute" and went on with your life. (This review of a production in Boston is spot-on with respect to the problems of the play itself).

4. It didn't seem like a big writing week in terms of words, but I finished one story, wrote another entire new one, revised another story, did two submissions, and critiqued 8 stories. Also, I'm doing another revision tonight after this blog entry. I guess I was busy after all.

5. One more on writing. I'm a little slow to start a new story after finishing "Space, With Silver Hands" (the "entire new one", about Yuri Gagarin, Vostok 1, and an alien). It might be time to really tackle the Diwali story, or perhaps the Antikythera Mechanism story. The brain ponders both of those.

Not as short as I thought. But I'm done, and now it's back to the writing.
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