jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

sightings on the bike trail

On the bike trail ride to Sac State for E's class, we saw:
- Team Retired (several white-haired gentlemen in full bike gear riding a pace line)
- the "All-Business" walking guy (by himself today rather than with his wife)
- a young gal with a lip piercing and no helmet, riding without hands (living the dangerous life, she is)
- the usual compliment of squirrels, cyclists, joggers and walkers

We didn't see:
- jackrabbit
- coyote
- any heavily-tanned old guys with small black shorts and no shirt

More updates after the ride home.


On the way back we saw:
- two hawks, circling
- one guy sitting in a lawn chair on the shore of the river, dispensing wisdom to four guys sitting in inner tubes in the river
- three heavily tanned old(er) guys with small black shorts and no shirt (two riding, one walking)

Just knew we'd get those tan old guys sooner or later.
Tags: exercise, nature, random

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