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sightings on the bike trail, including "beaver fencing"

Forgot to post our sightings from the last trip, so here's a two-day summary.

- (Tuesday) One guy bicycling with a small dog in his backpack. The dog, sticking its head out the top of the backpack, was loving every second of it.

- (Tuesday) A kid walking on the levee road carrying a bowling ball. What the frack?

- (Tuesday) The jackrabbit! It's still alive!

- Today there were many, many people walking dogs. All of them used fixed leashes which is good because retractable leashes and the bike trail Do Not Mix.

- Finally, we saw some Beaver Fencing. I think today, they were reenacting the fight scene from "Princess Bride".

More updates after the ride back, if there's anything interesting.

ETA: We saw a lot of risk-taking squirrels. Dashing out towards the bike trail, scampering back, rushing across, running along the side. Quite daring, those squirrels are.
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