jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

and Guilder to frame for it

On the plate of Things to be Done:
- Finish feedback on story from a child of former co-worker
- Send thanks to Critters for critiques of "Old Town"
- Send out the two stories that came back on Friday
- Finish revisions on "The Presidential Book of the Dead" and get it out the door
- Write something for the Weird Tales SPAM Flash Fiction contest (by August 4)
- Start in on the first story (due August 12) for the Lincoln City workshop
- Submit a story to Flytrap #10 by August 15

Just added:
- Figure out what story Nancy Kress is going to critique, because I won a critique by her in the KGB Fantastic Fiction raffle! Woohoo! But which story, which story?

It certainly isn't slow around here. No wonder I have a headache right now.
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