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LOST: "D.O.C." (April 25) [SPOILERS]

This episode, "D.O.C.", felt more like background than something driving the plotline forward, but we did learn some interesting things about Sun, Juliet, and the island.

Sun is responsible for Jin's being promoted into the job of "thug", thus becoming an indirect cause to the misery of their relationship. Why didn't Sun just tell Dad "hey, someone is blackmailing me, take care of it"? One could say it was because the blackmailer was Jin's mom and could you do that to your spouse's mom? (There are those who might leap at that question). More could have been done here, perhaps with Sun leaning one way, then she discovers the truth so she changes her mind.

Will Kate end up preggers? One would assume so given that sperm counts are high on the island and she and Sawyer have been going at it recently. I guess no one on the plane was carrying condoms.

Juliet is becoming more complex, which is not a surprise to anyone who realized she is just out for her own primary interest (get off the island) but is also trying to remain a good person (do what's best for Sun, etc).

Doesn't anyone check a body around here? Patchy looked dead when he hit the fence, but did anyone check to make sure he was dead? Nooooo. And now he's back. I did like his line about "okay, maybe a day and a half".

The parachutist saying "they're all dead" is a non-issue. The parachutist (Naomi) is working off the publicly available story, which was obviously a cover-up for the loss of the plane. Who covered it up and why, dunno, but one suspects it was whatever is left of groups involved in the Dharma project and that their reasons are nefarious.

The podcast hinted that there are two groups of others. Well, this is interesting. It probably dates back to the Dharma project (scientists and workers, perhaps) and is an old animosity.

Where are the Others going? Somewhere where they can "see" Jacob and get Ben healed. My personal (crackpot) theory: Jacob is Dr. Marvin Candle, but not in the flesh. Instead, he's on tapes or a video link or even a computer "projection" (like the video in the communications station). Why do I believe this? Because I like the theory, because it explains who was smoking in the Pearl hatch when the Losties walked in (remember the lit cigarette?) and fits in with the title of Episode 20 "The Man Behind the Curtain".

Next week: Locke grabs Sawyer and says "you need to kill Ben, I've tied him up right here. Oh did I say Ben? I meant this guy, who is the one who conned your mother and who you've wanted to kill for years. Oh yeah, he's also my dad but that's not important. Shoot him now. Shoot him now." (cue Daffy/Bugs scene).

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