jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

sounds you don't want to hear while riding your bike

I'm cruising along American River Drive at a nice clip, cars zooming by at 30-35 mph right beside me.

*rattle, rattle, rattle*

Me (thinking): What the heck is that?

*rattle, rattle, rattle*

Me (thinking): It sounds like it's coming from the front wheel.

I look down. The quick release lever on the front wheel is COMPLETELY LOOSE and wobbling to and fro like a pendulum.

Me: AAAAA! (because I know that one big bump, one slight elevation of the bike off the ground, and the front wheel is going to Fall Right Off, which is officially a Very Bad Thing.)

I hit the brakes, go to the sidewalk, and make sure the level is nice and tight. Then, after checking everything else on the bike, I continue, very carefully...

(Funny how I'd read this post by jaylake not a day ago.)
Tags: fitness, scary

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