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butterfly pr0n, and other pictures, from Six Flags

We took A and a couple friends to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as a delayed celebration of A's 8th birthday. It was crowded, and hot, but we rode some rides, had some snacks, and walked all over the place. Overall, the kids had a great time and we had fun.

Forgot the main camera so we just have phonecam shots. However, it turns out that the phonecam is perfect for the Butterfly exhibit where butterflies roam around and you roam around them. It's hot and humid in there, but the butterflies are beautiful and afterwards the outside feels cool and wonderful.

Here's pictures from the exhibit. Click for a slightly bigger version.

The touches of red in these wings are great.

This butterfly was posing away, just begging to have its picture taken.

The light really brought out the blue and yellow in this butterfly's wings.

Absolutely wonderful collection of colors on the outside of these wings.

Up close, the picture is blurry but you can make out the eyes and the tongue. Say "nectar"!

My favorite butterfly. I love the simple black and white. I'd love to have clothing with this pattern.

These eyes tell predators to stay away. Excellent!

The wings looked black with my eyes, but I loved the neon white. In the picture, the wings look purple. Wow.

Not butterflies, but fish. The koi pond in the Butterfly exhibit is stocked with these fish. Here's one looking right at the camera.

Finally, E found this great sign near the entrance.

Premit away, smokers, premit away.

(ETA: I didn't mention that E was the one who found the sign. She reminded me of that fact, quite sternly.)
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