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[writing] July 2008 Summary; August 2008 plans

Subject: [writing] July 2008 summary; August 2008 plans

July Summary
- 2 stories finished (plan was 4)
- 4 stories started (plan was 4)
- 3 stories revised (plan was 4)
- 2 stories were critiqued (plan was 2)
- 2 stories were sent out for critique (plan was 2)
- 8 critiques were done by me (plan was 8)
- 10 submissions were made, 3 new stories joined the "out" pool (plan was 8 subs with 5 new stories)
- 9 submission results, with 7 "no", one "yes" and one "TBD"
- 9372 new words written; 9312 words revision credit
- Race Points: 15 (plan was 20)

The original "a story a week" plan fell by the wayside pretty quick, as there was not as much writing time and I thought there would be. Summer keeps me pretty busy. But overall, a very solid month with the most new words in several months (almost broke 10K) and some good submission results. I didn't get my race points out as high as I wanted, but there were extenuating circumstances (see Details).

- I finished 2 stories: "Full Moon with Rufus Macreedy and the Alabama Howl"; "Space, with Silver Hands"
- I started 4 stories: "Full Moon with Rufus Macreedy and the Alabama Howl"; "Space, with Silver Hands"; "The Dials of the Heavens, The Numbers of the Stars"; "All That Was Left Behind" (flash);
- I revised 3 stories: "Let Me In, Let Me In"; "When Lina Went On The Lam"; "The Presidential Book of the Dead"
- 2 stories were critiqued: "Full Moon with Rufus Macreedy and the Alabama Howl" (by SacSpecFic); "Breaking Through" (by Critters)
- 2 stories were sent out for critique: "Full Moon with Rufus Macreedy and the Alabama Howl"; "When Crogdor Came Back"
- I did 8 critiques: 5 for Critters, 3 for SacSpecFic
- I did 10 submissions, 3 of them new stories being sent out into the world.
- I received nine submissions results, 7 "no" (Baens, Baens, Asimovs, Ideomancer, F&SF, Analog, Weird Tales), one YES (Drabblecast for "Apologies All Around" podcast reprint), one TBD (waiting for final contract before announcing)
- I wrote 9372 new words and received 9312 words of revision credit.
- Race Points on June 30: 15 (15 stories out). I wanted 20 but the sale, the TBD and the general lack of time kept me from getting more stories out.

August Plans
- Finish 2-3 stories
- Start 2 stories
- Revise 5 stories
- Send 4 stories out for critique
- Get 2 stories critiqued
- Critique 8 stories (5 for Critters, 3 for SacSpecFic)
- Submit 8 stories (5 of the new submissions)
- Race Points: get to 20 by end of month

I'm stopping "a story a week" for a while because I just don't have the time right now, and I'd like to concentrate on revision and getting more stories out there (20 stories out would be an awesome milestone). I'll still write two stories in August, and maybe a third if I get going (or do more flash). My big long term goal for 2008 is to have every story I've written out being submitted. That would be something, indeed.
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