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five cool links make a post (or a great poker hand)

You Might Be A Writer If... (from Murder by 4 blog, via lilithsaintcrow). So true, so true, especially (for me) Number 7.

Doctor Ronald Chevalier, acclaimed author of science fiction novels (via the_flea_king). Yes, that is Jemaine Clement from "Flight of the Conchords" (and I loves me the "Flight of the Conchords").

"Interview with a Steam Rat" from the clockpunk site of Dr. Julius T. Roundbottom. I've never been much of a steampunk person, but JT's site is changing my level of interest tremendously.

Sci-FI DVD Blowout Sale at Amazon. It's not everything, but I'm sure one can find something that one "needs".

WATCHMEN posters with the actors from the movies. Oh man - I have the original poster set from the graphic novel, it looks even cooler with real people in it, and I am so jonesing for this movie.

Bonus political link (not necessarily cool):

The Media Debunk McCain Smears, Then Promote Them (by Jamison Foser, at Media Matters). The first time I read this I thought "well, that's just silly" but then I paid more attention to the TVs at the fitness center and I realized "oh my god, he's right." I don't think it's specifically malicious, but just done because the sound bite and the controversy and the scandal is what the media believes the viewing public want. Are they right? Quite possibly. Look at the number of "reality" shows on TV every night. Sigh. It just makes me sad.
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