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My Bittercon schedule

Since I'm not going to Worldcon, I'm participating in bittercon . In fact, I'll be hosting a few panels. Here's the schedule of what I'll host, and I'll participate in other panels as time, workload, and the Olympics permit.

What's the Purpose of Speculative Fiction Anyway?
Why do we read, edit, write this stuff? What purpose does it serve? Does it do any good? What's it for?

Can "Sci-Fi" and Spec Fic ever get along?
These two kissing cousins don't seem to like each other very much. Is there a path to familial reconciliation?

Where Did All The YAs Go?
YA speculative fiction is huge, Huge, HUGE. Is there any effect on adult speculative fiction? If not, why? What happened to all those kids reading Harry Potter over the last seven years?

Open Day, though I might host a post-Hugos discussion along the lines of "here's how *I* voted, or would have voted, and why".

Stop on by the bittercon and have a blast!
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