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[writing] the workshop story, it is done

Finally finished the revision to my first story for the Short Story Workshop run by Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Sheila Williams. And boy are my arms tired.

It was a hard, hard grind. Thursday evening at 10PM, I had a 9550 word story which was a bit of a mess and over the maximum length (7500 words) by A Lot. Today, I mailed off a 7480 word revision of said story. Between working late last night, early this morning, and at lunch, I managed to cut over 20% of the story. I'm not quite sure from where, because no real scenes were whacked. It was just extreme trimming and tightening with the sharp edit knives.

Tonight I'm going to take it easy, have dinner, a glass of wine, do some reading, watch some Olympics, and relax. Tomorrow I start in on the second workshop story, due August 25. I think I'll try to make this one smaller and do it sooner :-)

In other news, I really really really really wish I was at Worldcon. Everyone, including my VP pals, are having loads of fun. bitterconBittercon</a>, here I come!
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