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whole lotta links

(did a little extra blog/site crawling today, to calm myself)

Mathway, a Step By Step Problem Solver (via GMSV). Impressive, though I haven't tried to break it yet. It seems like a bad thing, but I'm thinking this is a good thing because it's soooo detailed it makes cheating a learning experience.

The Art of Smoke (via GMSV). Very cool. One could see buying nice prints of these to hang on the wall.

Telemegaphone. One international phone call and your voice is all over Norway. Riiiicoooolaaaaa!

Guy Films Space Shuttle Launch from Passing Airliner (from Gizmodo). Wow! It seems like the plane is much closer than airspace controls would have allowed.

What Causes Gigantism?. Sandy Allen died yesterday, thus this article from Scientific American. Anyone remember the Split Enz song?

The Chupacabra Is Taking The Spotlight (from io9). Coyote or Chupacabra? You be the judge.

The Science of Star Wars (from sciam). Cloning, space wars, and space flight. Sorry, no midichloridians.

The World's Strangest Theme Restaurants (from WebUrbanist). Definitely strange. And how was your dead corpse sushi, sir?

John Scalzi on Sports of the Future (at AMC). Scalzi's sci-fi movie column at AMC, much like his Whatever blog, is quite fun. Let's Start Running!

Top 10 new sports technologies that will change the Olympics forever (from DVICE). The new LZR suit, of course, along with others. Seems to me these are a one-time hit and then most everyone uses them and we're back to raw muscle, bone, and brain.
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