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April is *not* the cruelest month

Overall, April was a rather good month for writing.

The first version of "This is Your Life, Version 2.0" got some good feedback at SacSpec.

Norwescon was fantastic, for both the critiques of "Case of the Killer Dog" and for the Flash Fiction Workshop where I did "Apologies All Around". "Apologies" is out in the slush pile at Asimov's, and I'm full of both hope and dread (my first submission!)

Some good outline work on "Walls of Stars Like Eyes" and a good outline and a nearly complete first version of "The Fishing Trip".

Coming up in May:
- finish "The Fishing Trip" and critique at SacSpec
- revise "Case of the Killer Dog" for submission to Viable Paradise and OSC Bootcamp
- revise "This Moment" for a critique trade with Mary Rosenblum and eventual submission to Asimov's;
- (maybe) get going on "Walls of Stars Like Eyes"
- (maybe) put either "Samsara" or "Padre" into SFF or Critters (respectively)
- mental cooking and breakdown of "The Alien Across The Hall"
- oh yeah, do my taxes, organize financials and clean up the office
- and, of course, family and work and exercise.

A busy month! Busy is good. Hopefully I can get it all accomplished.
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