jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Twenty. Million. Dollars.

One of the latest "spam scam" emails:

Asking for your Assistance
Hello My Friend,
This is a message from Hong Kong, My name is Mr. Ching Wong. Credit Officer in a finance firm, I am contacting you because I need your assistance in moving the sum of Twenty Million Dollars from my country to yours. But I need you to stand as the beneficiary of the funds in the means of this process. This business has steps and you will have 40% of the above sum at the end of the transaction. If you interested please reach me back via my private e-mail address I will introduce you to the next step. I wait to hear from you soon. Thanks.
Mr. Ching Wong

And 40% of it will be mine. puh-leaze. That's $800K. Any financial institution in their right mind would jump all over that if it was real.

Maybe if the email had said 2 million (thus 80K) or 200K (thus 8K) it might sound more realistic. But 20 million, and an 800K cut, that's just silly.

Why do people fall for this stuff? If it sounds too good to be real, it probably is.
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