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[writing] and the second workshop story is DONE

I just mailed off the second story for the Lincoln City Workshop next month. It was a tough one, as they asked for a story in one of two sub-genres and neither sub-genre is my cup of tea.

But I took an idea that had been buzzing around my brain since Viable Paradise and fit one of the sub-genres, started over from scratch, and turned out a story that might not completely suck.

That's a big weight off my shoulders. Now, all that's left for August is:
- revise a story for Critters cause it comes up next week and I have things to do to it;
- do a few Critters crits so my numbers are up and I can get my story critiqued;
- revise a story for submission to the Orycon writing workshop.

August has been a crusher month, with lots of writing, lots of end of summer prep for kids back in school, lots of work, the Olympics, and assorted personal drama. I'll be glad when it's all over and things settle down. Ha!

There's been good stuff too, especially in the writing areas. None of the writing things can be officially announced yet, though. Hopefully soon.

But for now, it's back to it.
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