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links of lunchtime

Minor comments, as I haven't actually read all these all the way through yet. But they sure look intriguing.


Costumes from ComicCon (from TechRepublic). Many of these look really good, for superhero costumes.

Is Cordwainer Smith's Future Today? (from Science Fiction Biology). All his concepts are happening, now or soon.

Why AREN'T There Brown Elves? (from Fantasy Magazine). N K Jemisin makes a damn fine point. (I state, for the record, that I have a story with brown elves. Computer avatar kid-game elves, but they are brown.)

The World (this and other ones)

Amazingly Unique Bridges (from deputy-dog). Totally wow.

Ancient Amazon Actually Highly Urbanized. There's a story setting, right there. Nothing more needed.

Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico (from SciAm). The underworld is called Xibalba, and I say "ooooooooo".


Gallery of Android Developer Challenge Winners (from Google). Very cool mobile apps for the Android platform. Got ideas? Get the developer kit!

Politics and Economics

Obamanomics (from NY Times). Obama's economic thoughts are apparently a mix of many different theories.

Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Limits (from NY Times). Sheesh - yet another "old infrastructure meets new techology model" problem.

Cities Debate Privatizing Public Infrastructure (from NY Times). Here's some world-building for stories, right here.

What a McCain Victory Could Mean: No Money for Health Care and the End of Our Volunteer Army (from AlterNet). And here's some more world-building, in a severely dystopian kind of way.
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