jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

a lazy day today

Thought about going to the State Fair, but instead decided to just lounge around the house. I sorted and purged a bunch of old mail related to donations, magazine subscriptions, and memberships and got down to the core stuff that needs to be sent in with checks attached.

Beyond that (which was actually a major task), we went to a work party for C's work, drove A to meet a friend for a movie and a sleepover, and will watch some Flight of the Conchords and maybe "The Independent".

All this with aching, sore, stiff legs from the massive leg weights workout Friday morning, the first one in many many months.

Tomorrow will be the Pleasanton Scottish Highland Games, which is not only a kilt-wearing occasion but a heck of a lot of fun.

As for writing, I have a revision to do by the end of Monday of my story for Orycon and I'd also like to try writing a flash story for a contest over at Byzarium. It's due Monday, but I've got some ideas so I might try to write the whole thing while at the Highland Games.

There's a couple stories knocking at the brain door and then in mid-September I go to the workshop in Lincoln City with the big names. Already, the nervousness grows...
Tags: highland games, life, writing

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