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Analog April 2007

Yet another Analog that I actually felt good about. Solid stories, and while nothing was top-notch, they didn't feel like they had (as much of) the flaws that I associate with an "Analog story". All were good, solid, old school science fiction.

My favorite was "Things That Aren't" by Michael A. Burstein and Robert Greenberger. It's about the creation (and use) of a device that can put someone into their perfect view of reality. Well-formed characters, some growth of character, a reasonable plot, and the science spurred but didn't dominate the story. Humor at times, and an appropriate ending.

I also liked "Crackers" by Jerry Oltion, which while more science-dominated did take an in-depth look at the main character (and stuck with just his viewpoint), and "As You Know, Bob" by John G. Hemry, a fun "meta-story" about how a story develops as a writer and editor haul it through several different sub-genres.

"Queen of Candesce" by Karl Schroeder (the serial) continues to be enjoyable and more about the main characters than about the world - I'm suspending overall judgement until it ends but right now it usually equals the favorites of the issue.
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