jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

heroes don't whine

they take action.

One of the many things I learned this weekend at the workshop. It was indeed chock-full of solid, good, strong information about craft and writing and getting deeper.

I also learned that I have severe troubles opening a story, troubles that must be fixed if I am ever to crawl out of the slush heap. Not that I can't *ever* do it (I think that "Lina" opens well), but that I've got some bad habits and severe deficits.

And thanks to all who indulged last night's Festival of Whine and Suck-Cheese. The postive comments are greatly appreciated. I compare it to my VP bout of Wednesday Night I-Suck-O-Rama.

After a cookie, two hours of shooting pool, a chat with an instructor this morning and all the positive LJ comments, I'm feeling better. I have some work ahead of me to improve the (multiple) things immediately needing improvement, so there's some hard slogging ahead.

But heroes don't whine, they take action!

And they deduct their workshop expenses on their taxes, because being a writer is a small business. Coooool....

Back to action.
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