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various and sundry forms of nice news

Sometimes the universe says you've had a hard weekend and does nice things for you.


- My new IPAQ 4350, purchased cheap off ebay, arrived while I was gone and so far it's working beautifully. It is even handling being in the case, which the old 4350 never ever liked. Knock on wood.

- I was able to get a Nokia N800 cheap off ebay (it was an ebay week) and it should arrive soon. This will become the new portable quick-on internet surfing and reading device. It also has an open-source OS (Maemo) and free development SDK. Could be time for some hacking!


- An independent filmmaker in San Francisco is going to make a short film based on my story "Apologies All Around". He said they wanted to take a darker turn on it, so I'll be interested to see the script. ("Here's your apology, right here!")

- I found my black writing journal today, which I had assumed might be gone for good. It was at work. At work? How did it get here? I won't ask.

- My story "All That Was Left Behind" was named an Honorable Mention in the Weird Tales Spam Flash Fiction Contest. Way Way Way Cool.

I actually heard about this last month, and forgot to mention it. They'll be publishing the Honorable Mention stories on the website, so I'll make sure to put up a link when they do.

A warning: the spam I chose was "Look GOOD and FEEL GOOD" combined with one from a Colonic Cleansing company. So, there's poop. Lots and Lots of Poop. You have been warned.
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