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TV Comment: Terminator SCC, s2ep01

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Season 2, Episode 1 (Sept 8, 2008)
"Samson and Delilah"

Summary: I missed the last few episodes of season 1, but I got up to speed pretty fast. This was fun, in a Terminator:SCC sort of way. There were some interesting bits and pieces. I'll watch it again next week.

This week, my review is presented as the text of an online conversation I had over IM with a coworker while I watched the show. He (Jim H---y) has never watched the show, so there wasn't much of a conversation an after a while he just quit replying. Here we go.

Soesbe, Jeff [4:50 PM]: Now i'm watching terminator sarah connor chronicles. I'm thinking that the first seven minutes was just a musical recap of the final episode of last season?

did you watch terminator: Sarah connor chronicles to the end?

H---y, Jim [4:54 PM]: never saw it even once

Soesbe, Jeff [4:54 PM]: no help. no help at all!

H---y, Jim [4:54 PM]: nope

Soesbe, Jeff [4:55 PM]: why is my smiley-face wearing eye liner?

must be a Goth Emo smileyface.

well, in termcc the good terminator (played by summer glau) is now a bad terminator

make that "term: scc"

stupid auto-smileyface

H---y, Jim [5:00 PM]: wonder if the bad terminator will now be a good terminator

Soesbe, Jeff [5:01 PM]: now *that* would be a switch!

i like the cut of your jib, simpson.

how about a job writing television shows?

H---y, Jim [5:01 PM]: lol

Soesbe, Jeff [5:02 PM]: well, I like the fact that the two guys are sitting in the car talking about their relationships.

Hey, the rich woman who owns the company is Shirley Manson from Garbage!

this thief dude is sooooooooo toast. so toast. you can just tell it, cause the rich woman is talking all weird and the guy is looking confused. That's the mark of "gonna be dead soon"

surprise. she let him go! I thought he was toast.

Nice bit of lying by the broken terminator to try to keep John from turning her off.

The whole fake tension thing is always a difficulty because you know they're not going to get rid of one ofthe main stars of the show. Of course, they could always bring in a new terminator that's the same. But I guess not. It's terminator love.

And the point of that "burn the car" scene was ... what, exactly?

Religious terminator. Interesting.

Nerdy complaining guy is so toast. Oh look, it's a T-1000.

You know, the whole problem here is that the future terminators are thinking small scale. Sending back a few terminators at a time to try to kill John Connor. Pfffff. Send back a whole fricking fleet! Have them take over a facility and nuke the city. If a terminator can get close enough to John Connor to threaten them, it can get close enough to set off a thermonuclear bomb. That'll get him.

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