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TV Comment: "Fringe", s1ep01

Season 1, episode 01 (Sept 8, 2008)

Summary: Nice name for a pilot, folks. Glad to see you worked hard on that one. Most of this episode felt like it was straight from the "stock choices" school of script writing. The writing made the first choice and it showed. However, bat-poo crazy scientist guy was a lot of fun, and they did throw in some odd twists. I'll watch it again next week.

Once again, my review takes the form of an online conversation between me and Jim from work. Alas, my stupid work IM program doesn't save very much conversation. So lame.

Here's the comments I remember making during the first part of the show:

It's the standard sex opening, where people flop back on the pillow after having sex. Now they're making out again, and the phone will ring any second. Yup. It's for her. They're co-workers. His phone should ring soon. Yup.

Look, genius lad is that dude from Dawson's Creek. Right?

When two different Google searches come back with a picture of the same guy, then you just got lucky!

And the timestamped comments:

Soesbe, Jeff [3:41 PM]: bat-poo crazy dad and son (who calls dad "walter") are talking. My one hope here is that dad strangles his son to death.That would be interesting.

seems to me that the government could very easily get bat-crazy doctor dude out of the prison to check out sick guy, and certainly doesn't need the son to do that. but that's my opinion.

so they mention a company (Massive Dynamic) and then pass by a sign for the company. The company's slogan is "What do we do? .... What don't we do?" LOL

H---y, Jim [3:45 PM]: lol

Soesbe, Jeff [3:47 PM]: I think [Our Company] should have a slogan like that. "[Work Name Redacted]. We Do A Lot."

H---y, Jim [3:47 PM]: lol

Soesbe, Jeff [3:48 PM]: I'm liking bat-poo crazy scientist. At least he has flavor.

Luckily, Harvard hasn't needed that big-ass room in the basement of the Kresge building (doctor crazy's ex-lab) in the last SEVENTEEN YEARS! Nope, didn't need it at all.

This show is such a wack-job show. Totally wack-job. left field. non-sensical. maybe it's supposed to be.

Soesbe, Jeff [3:56 PM]: oh hey, now we're going to have communication across the global subconscious so that agent gal can talk to her boyfriend who saw the guy who tried to kill him who was involved in the plane issue.

sure, why not!

"he wants to shove a metal rod in your head, give you hallucinogens and stick you in a rusty tub of water"

"I didn't say I want to, only that I could"

I think this show is designed to be a wack-job-crazy version of the X-Files, virtually absurdist in its approach.

and, of course, to do the "cosmic unconsciousness" procedure she has to get naked. Or at least in underwear while they put all the stuff on her. In closeup. of course.

crazy doctor: "In case you don't come back, I just want to say thank you for all you've done for me."

"in case you don't come back" LOL!

H---y, Jim [4:02 PM]: so, are you watching the rest?

Soesbe, Jeff [4:02 PM]: yeah, I've got it going here while doing work and typing snarky comments.

she's in the cosmic unconsciousness, which looks just like a giant junkyard. and then like places out of your past. and then a desert. then the FBI.and all of the above.

H---y, Jim [4:06 PM]: i've always wonder what the cosmic unconsciousness looked like...

Soesbe, Jeff [4:08 PM]: a lot of things, apparently.and there's flashing lights. and distant storms. and wind. in the desert. I think it's kind of like an Eagles song.

And we have twins! (guy on plane freaking out = twin of guy they saw at the storage sheds)

Soesbe, Jeff [4:14 PM]: well, *that's* a twist. Why is the executive secretary telling the FBI agent this information? (and showing off her robot arm) And just letting loose with information about "the pattern"?

oh yeah, and there's a cow.

H---y, Jim [4:15 PM]: a cow?

Soesbe, Jeff [4:15 PM]: yeah. a cow. And now the bat-crazy scientist, his son, the fbi agent's assistant, and the cow are all watching Spongebob.

H---y, Jim [4:16 PM]: the cow likes spongebob?

Soesbe, Jeff [4:16 PM]: I think the cow is more interested in the chinese food.

oh look, monkeys!

it's chase the bad guy time.

everyone should have broken a leg on that one. it was incorrectly performed parkour.

Soesbe, Jeff [4:21 PM]: bad guy won't talk. could it be .... cosmic unconsciousness time? or maybe genius boy has something up his sleeve. i like the way that, at the *police station*, genius boy can just waltz in and talk to bad guy.

nope. torture saves the day.

i smell ... lawsuit against the FBI!

H---y, Jim [4:23 PM]: I brb

Soesbe, Jeff [4:29 PM]: at this hospital, the cop recovering from a completely unexplainable disease, who has to be there for another week, sits in a common area but the bad guy who has a broken finger gets his own private room.

And FBI cop boyfriend actually smothers the bad guy, cause FBI cop boyfriend is the *real* bad guy. now *that's* a twist.

I always thought you couldn't really smother someone with a pillow, that it would take a very long time.

FBI Boyfriend dies in the car crash. Don't they teach high-speed driving at FBI school?

But luckily they can bring him back! Remember that reanimation mention at the start of the episode? here we go.

Soesbe, Jeff [4:40 PM]: And we close on mysterious rooms with icons as their room identifer (that was the "leaf" room). Sound familiar, in a JJ Abrams sort of way? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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