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five links from the lunchtime

Special Link:

Ralan fund donation drive! (via maryrobinette and Rick Novy). is a marvelous service for writers, so let's help keep it going!


- The First Ever National Discussion Science Fiction : Past, Present, Future (from Science Fiction in India blog). A conference in India to discuss using science fiction to communicate concepts and issues of science and technology to people/children. This sounds awesome, who wants to send me?

- Victims of the Grocery Shrink Ray (at Consumerist). Subtle (or not-so-subtle) changes in product packaging. No, you're not hallucinating - you really *are* getting less for your money.

- In Florida, Billboards Trump Trees (at NPR). The story of a battle between trees on the public right of way and billboards sponsored by corporations. More of a battle than it should be.

- What's What with Lynda Carter (from PhillyMag). An interview with the former "Wonder Woman" star in which she goes off on Sarah Palin. Amazing and interesting, but don't read the comments because they're they standard "rocks/sucks" split.

- Healthcare, McCain-style (from Mother Jones). McCain has specific plans for the health care industry, as previously covered in Fortune Magazine. If Fortune Magazine (the magazine of unfettered capitalism) loves it, regular Americans should be very very worried (WonkRoom with thoughts and links, Making Light with info and comment discussion).
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