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Links of Fun:

Salon AV Club interviews Neil Patrick Harris. Entertaining interview with an entertaining guy.

Primus video for "Devil Went Down To Georgia". That's some nice claymation, there.

Captain and Tennille video for "Muskrat Love". I remember this video from my childhood, remember it far too well (people in muskrat costumes dancing? AAAAA).

Six Food Mistakes Parents Make (from NY Times). I admit to making a couple of these, though surprisingly "Feeding your kids only refined sugar" isn't one of the mistakes.

I Put In Five Miles At The Office (from NY Times). It's a desk, and a treadmill; next thing you know they'll be putting treadmills in every cubicle, requiring their use, and taking the generated energy to run the place, all in the name of cost-cutting. You laugh.

Bonus Political Link:

Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes. Look, I have no doubt that most politicians have hired friends and used political power to make life tough for foes. It's just that one of the McCain/Palin lines is that they're going to reform and change and be a breath of fresh air and get rid of corruption and cronyism and "good old folks" network, and information like this just shows the hypocrisy behind the statements. There's also a real "my way or the highway"/"might makes right" aspect to this that is very troubling, given where that attitude has gotten us so far.
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