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make a video for NARAL!

NARAL is publicizing a YouTube-based video contest for people to make a video urging a "no" vote on Proposition 4 in California. There's even prizes! Info from the email:

Do you or does someone you know like to make videos? Produce a winning ad for the Campaign to Protect Teen Safety and you could win up to $1,000!

Proposition 4, on California's November 2008 ballot, puts young women at risk by prohibiting them from obtaining an abortion without government-mandated parental notification. This initiative would delay critical counseling and medical care for our teens.

This video contest is a great opportunity for aspiring students and video enthusiasts to help get the word out about the dangers of Prop. 4 and the risk it poses to our most vulnerable teens.

Learn more about the contest and submit an entry!

Submit your entries early and get the word out about the hazards that Prop. 4 poses for our teens. Ten winning videos will EACH win $1,000.

Check out the Campaign to Protect Teen Safety for more infomation on Proposition 4.
Tags: abortion, politics

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