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TV Comment: "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" s2ep02

"Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" Season 2, episode 2
"Automatic for the People"

Another person comes back, with a bullet/hole in their chest

No normal beds in this church, no wonder everyone walks around all stiff-like

"Go to school"?!?! - is he even enrolled here? Are they still in the same town? You can't just show up and go to school.

And they will afford this really nice house ... how? Where *do* they get money, anyway?

Hey, the landlord is whats-her-name (the mean gal) from "Freaks and Geeks" (Busy Philipps)

You rent a place for half a day, and someone stumbles in through the window with a hole in their chest. Hate it when that happens. So much for the cleaning deposit.

Ooh, it's the future! Cool! Nice "looks a lot different" line from Reese.

I'm still amazed they will leave John Connor *alone* at school. Alone!

It's the Nuclear Squirrel, mascot of the power plant. Lena Headey always looks good, even when she doesn't have time to brush her hair.

I had totally forgotten that the wife of Charlie Dixon (Sara Connor's ex) is played by the same actress as plays Penny on LOST! The lack of the accent completely threw me off. Boy, when Charlie finds out that she's just waiting around until Desmond reappears, he's going to be unhappy.

Are we supposed to assume that there are some Terminators here in the plant? That's what it seemed when Cameron was scanning people.

Playing pool with a Terminator seems like a bad idea. You're going to lose.

Not quite sure what's going on with Carl and Sarah - what is she doing here? Ah, he's a "test-stopper".

Rule Number One of spying: Don't hide, just act like you're a menial nobody doing your job. No one will pay attention to you, because you're beneath them. But following some other guy into a room full of radioactive materials seems like a bad idea. And I don't think they'd put a temp into a radioactive area. That's a workers comp claim just waiting to happen.

So what's up with the cop and Charlie Dixon and the bible? I'm not sure if I get what all this is supposed to mean.

It's not Greenway, he's dead. Then what is Greenway? I bet it's a terminator. And it knew which valve to turn to cause everything to go all haywire. Hint - it's the one next to the sign that says "HOT STEAM".

I'm glad the room full of radioactive materials had *two* exits, the second a quickly doors that opened from the inside.

Now why wouldn't they keep the terminator and figure out how to reprogram it. It's awesomely powerful and could make a nice ally. Must be difficult code.

Blood all over the place. Why? I guess it was from the guy with the hole in his chest. Didn't he die a while back?

And we get a second "Lena Headey in a shower" scene. Complaints, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

There's the morphing Terminator again, giving a speech as someone else then morphing back before driving off. Which doesn't seem like a good idea. Those morphing Terminators never did have a lot of sense. More brute force than brains, they are.

Summary: This seemed like a "set-up" episode, where there was a thin thread of a main plotline with a lot of events that are setting up other future items (the cop, the new girlfriend, the power plant). I do like the idea that it's becoming less about "Kill John Connor" and more about "Make sure things happen or don't happen that will have a big effect on the future." That's an interesting take on the whole Terminator mythos.
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