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TV Comment: "Fringe", s1ep02

Season 1, episode 2
"The Same Old Story"

Aieeee! Giant Letters on the Bridge!!! Run!!! Run!!!

15 seconds in and we have half-naked people who just had sex. Just like last episode!

I wonder if the syringe cocktail he was mixing up was supposed to help her or hurt her.

I'm fully expecting some sort of Alien-esque scene here in the hospital. We didn't quite get that, but we did get a squishy crunching sound and Even More Screaming!

So Broyles (aka LOST's Abbadon) and Robot Arm Woman are in on this together. Or at least, in on *something* together. And they want Dunham in on it too.

Gotta say, I'm liking crazy old genius medical guy (aka Dr. Walter Bishop). He's the one person in this show with some real character.

Luckily, the serial killer we're seeing now is the serial killer Dunham saw years ago. I guess that's better than the "serial killer of the week" you get with most strange crime shows. Reusing serial killers means there's less of them running around when the show isn't on. That's very environmentally friendly.

Annnnnnd here's the strip club scene, aka the requisite scene of women in their underwear (see last week's "Dunham gets in the isolation tank" scene).

Good to see that the cow is still alive.

So the killer wants the pituitary gland of young women. Could explain the rapid growth. And it does! This episode is rather "ewwwwwww" in some ways.

You have to think that by the screen time they give Charlie, he's going to be a factor in this episode.

There's a moral message in this episode about what happens to loose young girls who make the wrong decision and go with men they barely know. Kind of like it's implying they deserve what happens to them. That's a pretty evil message, and horribly judgmental.

"It didn't feel like the America I remembered from when I was a boy" (and living overseas in a country that the US stormed into and overthrew our democratically elected ruler so they could insert a puppet regime. But that's not the point right now.)

FBI agents that give up when just one thing goes wrong aren't very good FBI agents.

And the doctor who supposedly quit years ago is still involved, and the killer is his son! Who saw that coming? Oh. That many, huh...

Dunham always looks perpetually miserable. I guess that's part of her personality, given everything that has happened to her.

So now we're going to read the pattern stored in the dead person's eyes so that we can see whatever she saw when she died. And who owns the machine? Massive Dynamics! What do they do? What *don't* they do! More "ewwww" with the eyeball removal.

"The use of technology to find the killer was sponsored by Google". Or at least it should have been.

"So, what did Peter want?"
"He wanted to know how to shock a person back to life. Hand me the salt."
(No, those lines weren't in there, but they might as well have been).

Massive Dynamics sounds like the dream corporation of many corporate and governmental types. What do they do? What *don't* they do!

I must have missed the reason that the Bishops sleep in the same room (or nearly the same room). I will say that their quirky semi-dysfunctional relationship is one of the more interesting parts of the show.

Oh look! More clones of the killer. Do they have accelerated growth? Who knows? So the entire reason for the episode was that the dad was trying to keep the son alive. That's it. That's why the son was killing all the women and extracting their pituitary. Gotta say, kind of a lame reason. Especially given all the extra sons just lying around somewhere.

Summary: A fairly straightforward episode involving a strange killer. The crazy doctor and his son continue to entertain. There's a message that I don't like, related to women who pick up guys in bars and what they get in return. Okay episode, but nothing very special.
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