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TV Comment: "Fringe", s1ep03

Season 1, Episode 3
"The Ghost Network"

(I crashed last night instead of posting comments, so here they are.)

Hey! Where's the people who just had sex? Fringe is supposed to open with people who just had sex!

Usually, in scenes like this opening, the person confessing kills the priest.

One must ask: why kill the people on the bus? If you want the backpack, walk down the aisle and take it. Most people won't try to stop you, or even notice. If they do, wave around a gun, run off the bus, and jump in the car. Killing everyone seems a little excessive.

I guess if you're going to copy another show's intro, "X-Files" isn't such a bad thing to copy.

I thought we already had the ex-partner's funeral, but I realize I'm confused with "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles". I don't think he was married, was he? Why was his mom giving Dunham the evil eye. Surely, Mom will come back later in this episode. [Note: She didn't. Maybe in future episodes.]

The actress portraying Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) has that "hard-faced, rough-hewn bleak Australian" look down cold.

It seems a little wrong to use "Smoke From a Distant Fire" right after a scene with a bus full of people that have been gassed.

I find it hard to believe that even though Dr. Bishop has been in a mental facility, he doesn't know that cell phones buzz and vibrate.

Trapped in amber, huh? Well, that's weird. How does that work? Cause the guy opened the door and walked off the bus so apparently it was slow moving amber. And wouldn't that disperse the gas. PV=nRT, and all that.

The guy speaking not-quite Brazilian with a Russian accent [Note: later revealed to be Latin] looks a lot like the young Bishop.

"The man in the restaurant" Everyone has secrets in this show.

More "The Pattern" stuff. I bet there's more to Agent Davidson than we are being led to believe. Looks like agents fooling around with other agents is not a uncommon occurrence in the Federal Government.

Oh, that Massive Dynamic! What do they do? What *don't* they do! Robot Arm Woman is remarkably helpful, beyond the fact that she won't turn up the lights in the meeting room.

Some of the dialogue here is painful: "I consider myself a good poker player", "Occam's Razor". There's also the issue that everyone can do about everything - play poker, read eyeballs, prove that people are psychic, brain surgery. Walter Bishop and William Bell must be like the two most brilliant people in the universe. Note how we haven't seen William Bell yet - that must be a big reveal.

"That's preposterous" - one of the better lines they've given Walter.

"I wouldn't exactly call any of this rational." - another good line.

Finally, Ray recognizes Dr. Bishop. Sort of.

Does anyone here speak Latin? Oh, good. This is the classic example of "for some reason" writing. Astrid, the agent, speaks Latin. For some reason. And now we have to explain it!

And there is more to Agent Davidson, because he cut something out of his partner's hand.

There's a LOT of cell phone conversations here, people calling each other all over the place. So why don't the bad guys just use the cell phone network rather than the mental link network? If secure cell phones are good enough for Jack Bauer, they should be good enough for everyone else.

Bad guys who kill themselves, and look at you while they do it, are *so* annoying!

"Someone To Watch Over Me" - and what are we supposed to think about that?

Can Broyles just hand over government evidence to Massive Dynamic like that? Apparently the discs have something to do with reanimating people? Or was that just the teaser than Dunham's ex-boyfriend is still alive? I'm a little confused.

Summary: Despite the presence of two Impossible Things (the gas that goes to solid *and* the guy able to read mind transmissions), I thought the episode was enjoyable overall. The writing has a bad tendency to enter "for some reason" mode, while I think makes things too convenient. There's still many unexplained items, like the link between Broyles and Massive Dynamic, the joint interest in Dunham, what in the heck "The Pattern" is anyway, but one can assume those will play out over time. Dunham herself still seems a bit devoid of personality, beyond just being grim, but I'm rather enjoying the interplay between the Bishops.
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