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TV Comment: "Heroes", s3ep01 & s3ep02

Season 3, Episode 1
"The Second Coming"

[Note: Even though the second season was a bit of a mess, I have to say that I've been looking forward to the third season. Let's see if they get back to that level of comic-book excitement which was often missing in Season 2.]

The capsule for this episode is "Peter visits from the future to alter the course of history." I'm not even going to start getting into the time travel issues of that one.

Peter's running. Why is Peter running? He can fly. Oh, this is the future. The future of camps and being hunted and the scar across the face (the constant part of every Peter future is the scar). So Future Peter shot Nathan. And no one tried to grab the shooter (aka Future Peter).

Can't Peter stop time, go get Claire, bring her back, and heal Nathan? Think, Peter, Think!

Zombie Nathan! Zombie Nathan! Oh please have Zombie Nathan! [Note: No such luck]

Hiro and Ando, back together again! Yay! But I'm not sure the recap (such as "I can teleport, remember!") was totally necessary, even if the show was gone for nine months. Maybe they did that for the new viewers.

Oh look, it's Sylar! That was remarkably easy. And where's HRG? Wrong way, Claire. What is this, a bad stalker movie?

Mohinder and Maya. I would have thought that Mohinder had made the adrenaline-power connection before.

So, Hiro. You know that secret place back there, the one you never knew about? Well, I'm telling you about it, and I'm telling you not to open it. Like that's going to work. And finding the door was remarkably easy. And it's a formula that Hiro has to guard. Who is the "pure" one? Interesting question. My guess is Claire.

I do like the "lines of whatever" special effect from the speedster, even though I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. Air currents? But why are there red lines? Nice job protecting that formula, Hiro.

So it was Future Peter pretending to be Current Peter. I wonder at what point he got the "change his appearance" power. And what happened to Current Peter?

Nathan has become religious - I wonder what this means. Really, with his powers, Peter could destroy Nathan in a million different ways beyond a gun.

One thing we have to ask about Sylar cutting open heads is the following: When he did that to Peter, Peter healed almost instantaneously. Claire, apparently, didn't. And that scene is pretty ewww with Sylar poking around in Claire's brain. At least they answered the "Does Sylar eat the brain" question.

Sounds like Mohinder is well down the path of "time for me to have powers". I wonder if Mohinder's lab is the same set as Isaac's studio because they look familiar.

Now *that's* interesting! Lindeman! Or is it?

Who's this guy? Some governor. And again, it's Ali Larter in skimpy clothing. But is it Niki?

For a second I thought Peter had teleported Matt, but now I realize it might be the "illusion" power. [Note: Nope, looks like he teleported him, but to where?]

That future that Hiro saw was interesting, with the cloud of death. And with Ando having powers.

Now why is Mohinder having second thoughts by the dock? Oh no, he's not.

So Mama Petrelli has the "dream the future" power.

Well, there's HRG in Level 5.

That's a mighty big Yeats quote there as we close out the episode. It's like the whole poem.

Summary: There's a lot of set-up here, but things are moving at a pretty quick pace. Sylar has Claire's power, Mohinder has powers, Nathan has found God, Lindeman is back, Niki (?) is back. Just like a good comic book, no one stays dead very long on this show.

[Note: I watched this online, and it was sponsored by Chips Ahoy. Now I really want a cookie.]

Season 2, Episode 2
"The Butterfly Effect"

Why doesn't anyone ever turn on any lights? It's so dark. Maybe it's my computer.

Oh look, Claire's power is all mucked up. Maybe Sylar did some messing around and removed her pain sensors.

That was quite a dream Mama Petrelli had. Which of those villains can beat Peter? I've pretty much thought of him as invincible. Unless The Haitian was around, but then that would block all the powers of everyone.

Mohinder is obviously power-dizzy, and I bet that despite his statement that everything is okay things are not actually okay. And that's the real use of Mohinder's power, to get the ladies!

And Elle is back too!

So the Governor is going to put Petrelli into some position - Junior Senator of New York? Does the Governor get to do that? That's a typical messy, disheveled, investigative reporter talking to not-Niki there.

Claire's kind of freaking out over this "no pain" thing. But just because you don't feel physical pain doesn't mean you're immune to emotional pain. I assume she'll figure this out fairly soon. Interesting speech from Claire about avoiding being a "victim", which is a nice speech to hear from her.

I was wondering if Lindeman was actually a figment of Nathan's imagination, but apparently not given that not-Niki looked to notice him.

Are they going to bring back Elle's Dad just to kill him? Yup. Is Sylar going to kill Elle? Guess not. I still don't get the whole "Peter in someone else's body" thing but I assume that will eventually be explained as something Future Peter can do with his powers.

It is a reasonable turn that the future is all messed up and Future Peter doesn't know what to do now. I wonder if Future Peter can actually return to his future any more. It's the old "multiple timelines or one timeline" issue. This is actually a fairly decent use of time travel.

Well, *that's* an interesting power, the power to freeze people and then once they fall over they shatter into a bazillion pieces. And an icky one too. I wonder if she (not-Niki, aka Tracy) didn't know about it, because she looked pretty shocked by what happened.

Looks like Mohinder is going all "Croyd Crenson Sleeper" on us (Wild Cards reference there), or his power infusion is evolving.

Well, I guess that Peter really did teleport Matt to some desert somewhere. Somewhere being Africa. "Should have gone with Sprint" - a good line.

Told ya! Lindeman is in Peter's imagination!

Hey look - it's Claire's mom. But she looks different. I'm not sure that's the same actress.

Where did Future Peter get that "putting people in other people's bodies" power? And can Current Peter use his powers when he's in another person's body? This is big stuff here and could use some explanation.

Summary: Well, we can't say that this show moves slowly can we? It really is like watching a comic book - things happen without a lot of explanation, there's gaps and jumps in reason and logic, people act in ways that make no sense. It's always tough when you have to bring in new characters, and resurrect old characters, to make a show exciting. But I will say that it's a lot of fun to watch and I'm never bored. Confused, at times, but never bored. So Heroes Season 3 is off to a rip-roaring start and it will be fun to see where it goes.
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