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links for a monday morning

- Ricky Gervais Isn't Laughing (from Newsweek). Eight things that annoy Ricky Gervais (of "The Office" and "Extras"), and it reads like he talks. I have to agree with several of these.

- Dictionary of Carny, Circus, Sideshow & Vaudeville Lingo. "Alfalfa", "rubber cows" and a "clem". I think I might have to write a story set in a circus.

- Growing Vertical: Skyscraper Farming. Making a farm that goes up, not out. Interesting stuff, great for world building.

- A New Age of Exploration: From Earth to Mars. A lecture from an MIT prof on how humans can withstand space missions. 53 minutes long, so I haven't watched the whole thing, but I think it's a must-see.

- Falcon 1 - Flight 4 - September 28, 2008. SpaceX makes orbit (full video with Elon Musk statement here). The view looking back at Earth is Teh Awesome!

Bonus Political Link:

- Saturday Night Live: Palin/Couric interview. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are wonderful. The funny (scary) thing about this is how much of it is directly taken from what *really* happened.
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