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"The Fishing Trip" rewrite done

Finished up the rewrite of "The Fishing Trip" and sent it out to SacSpec for next week's meeting. The rewrite definitely helped and I was able to clean up many things that I felt were very clunky in the first version.

I know I started out wanting to have a story that dealt with a lot of different themes and concepts. Feedback from SacSpec should help me see how well all those items are represented. I think it's a decent story but that the underlying themes might need more work. We'll see ...

Now it's on to the rewrite of "Case of the Killer Dog" so that I can use it as my application story for Viable Paradise and OSC Bootcamp.

I might do a very short flash-esque story I've been thinking about called "Owl, Cat, Cigarette". It was a very random concept, almost like a writing exercise, that I thought of while driving home one day. Now it's taken a life of its own and is begging to be a story. So, what the heck - keep it short and crank it out!
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