jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

[writing] day-oh, daaaay-oh

Today was the day of making up for all the "no"s that have arrived in the last couple weeks.

Before work and at lunch, I did a pass on the Diwali story to try to brighten it up with some real details. After work, the Diwali story went off to WOTF for Q4. I also mailed out three other stories, and emailed two more.

Late tonight, I cleaned up the story that's going to the Orycon workshop in November and emailed it out.

My end of September numbers look much better. I also have three more stories queued up for quick revision turns and then out they go as well!

Making progress, one sloggy step at a time - that's me! And now, to bed.
Tags: submitting, writing

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