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TV Comment: Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, s2ep04

"Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles"
Season 2, Episode 4
"Allison From Palmdale"

Summary: I'm not quite sure what they were trying to do with this episode, though it was a welcome change from the standard "run from the Terminator of the week" episode. They're definitely working on depth of character, and on giving us more insight into these people who can often be very comic-book. Did it succeed? In my mind, not quite because I'm still not too certain what was learned and what changed. Perhaps this is something where it will play out over a couple episode. Still, interesting overall and it's nice to see the show do something different.

That sure looks like Cameron the Terminator being chased. Why do people being chased always trip? I'm guessing that the first scene was in the future, and this episode will be about the future Cameron (aka Alison).

It's interesting that Cameron the Terminator is apparently having flashbacks to experiences of the original (future) Cameron. I'm wondering what this says about the process of creating Terminators.

The funny thing with the store scene is that the bald guy who gave the information to John apparently has been hanging out, watching the store worker put the watermelons back in the display case, since Cameron was taken away. Which was a while ago. Now *that* is a pretty pathetic life.

Hey look! Sarah Connor actually smiled! Twice! (When around pregnant Casey in the hospital). That must be the Sarah Connor smiles we get for the season.

Interesting how Jody resembles the young Linda Hamilton from the first "Terminator" movie.

Cameron has somehow lost her memory of being a terminator, because she totally could have taken the long-haired punk guy apart. This "Cameron Terminator is buggy" subplot is providing for all sorts of convenient situations.

So the agent's ex-wife also works for the FBI. My guess is this provides him a path into the FBI resources even though he's no longer an agent.

The reveal that Allison's/Cameron's mother was pregnant with a kid was played like a big reveal, but it's my guess that most people had figured it out already.

The theme of this episode looks to be about parents and children: Casey and kid and dad; Sarah and John; Cameron/Alison and her mother.

Well, well - it's Alison the human and Cameron the Terminator. "Some of us want peace" - that's very BSG. It's also a rather intriguing concept from future Terminators and it could go towards explaining the presence of the future T1000.

The psychologist in the halfway house must be thinking "Oh my, I've got a wild one here". She's taking very serious notes. When Cameron says "put his head on a pike for all to see", that doesn't sync with "Some of us want peace."

I'm betting that "someplace authentic, like Portland" is supposed to be a joke.

Daughter? The T1000 has a daughter? Huh? I bet the daughter was at the very back of the Sudoku book (the really hard ones).

In the future Cameron killed the real Alison and took her bracelet to get into the camp.

At the end, Sarah is more open with Casey and Cameron is learning ... something.

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