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TV Comment: "Fringe" Season 1, Episode 04

Season 1, Episode 4
"The Arrival"

Summary: Were this "The X-Files" I would call it an "arc" episode. The introduction of a new character and the associated events say that the show is beginning to dig into whatever deeper mythology exists. For that, it was an enjoyable episode even if it still has trouble with plot events that don't quite make sense when considered as part of the larger story arc (the class "for some reason" excuse). Still, I wonder where the deeper plotline is going and that might keep my interest.

Starting out with a Patsy Cline song, sung by Willie Nelson, is a good thing. (ETA: It's actually written by Willie Nelson and popularlized by Patsy Cline, and then again Willie Nelson. Apologies to Willie.)

I know people who eat like that who aren't weird creepy alien types. They don't write backwards in a strange script and own fancy computerized binoculars, though. I bet we're supposed to think he's an alien, but I also bet he's actually not.

See, here's where the writing on this show demonstrates non-clarity. Did he cause the accident by looking at all the people through his fancy binoculars, or did he just realize it was going to happen? Or is this a mystery that will be resolved by the end of the episode? We shall see.

I still don't get why they don't have a place with another bedroom, or at least a couch in the living room. That question got answered - "we're finding you an apartment". And the question of why the FBI can't just keep Walter wherever they want - because Walter wants it that way.

Once again, Dr. Walter Bishop knows everything.

Nine will get you ten that the gentleman who Olivia visits is involved, and on the wrong side of things. In a show like this, guest stars always are. Just because "this is a weird one" doesn't seem like enough of a reason to tell Olivia to stay away from it.

That's a nice gun, with its repulsor power.

And here's this episode's requisite "Olivia Dunham in her underwear" scene.

(This online broadcast is messed up, so instead of commercials I'm getting repeats of the first minute of each act).

The mysterious bald guy looks like someone who would stand out after being viewed in a few pictures. Having her notice him in two pictures, and having that be something special, seems a little bit of a stretch. Either that, or they're not hiring very perceptive people in the department.

Bad Walter, shooting drugs into your assistant. Bad! But I must ask who leaves syringes full of sedatives just lying around the lab? Walter, that's who. You never know when you'll need one

Is that the same cafe as the beginning? Apparently so because they play country music and the alien-esque bald guy goes there. I thought guy in cap with gun was same as alien bald guy, but I'm wrong.

Oh look, it's the cow! And the bad guy with the fancy gun. That scene could have ended with a "bang", a "moo" and a "thump".

I'm not very thrilled with Fringe for breaking out the torture card. I guess they wanted to show that the guy with the cap is a bad guy, even though his mind-reading power might have been sufficient to get the information.

Why doesn't Olivia Dunham bring a whole bunch of agents instead of just herself? For some reason. And why didn't the black cap guy just shoot them both? For some reason. Oh, *now* black cap guy starts shooting.

I think we can say goodbye to the tube because it's going back into the ground. Yup. Wonder what happened to the body of the black cap guy because he hasn't been talked about it recently. Never mind: still dead, and from Seattle.

It seems that part of the point of this episode was to get Peter involved in the whole thing, through the torture and the confusion.

Did we, the audience, hear about the car crash on the ice before? I don't think we did. And through the initial interaction and today's interaction, we are apparently getting the introduction into the deeper mystery that will carry through the show - the bald guy who watches, and what he's watching for.

I *so* knew that the final scene was coming - John in the kitchen.

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