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The VP Debate

We decided to watch it at the last minute and I'm glad we did. It was very interesting and entertaining.

To me, Sarah Palin came off as a folksy, charming, wind-up doll who did a good job reciting carefully rehearsed talking points and sound bites. But it felt like it was mostly a surface act and I could see her mentally making the links from (Ifill question and/or Biden statement) into the talking point.

Biden was a surprise to me. I admit I didn't know much about the guy, but by the end I was pleasantly impressed. He knew what he was talking about, with a deep knowledge, and I could see a fire in his eyes when he got going. And, as matociquala said: Do *not* try to play the "parenting is hard" card with Joe Biden (details on Wikipedia).

In the end, I'm a liberal guy and on social issues alone McCain and Palin are definitely *not* my candidates. In my political candidates, I want depth and intellect and open-mindedness and breadth of knowledge and deliberation. In that area, Obama and Biden are one hell of a team.

Sure, folksy and charming is nice but look where folksy and charming has gotten the USA in the last eight years. And for my money, I'd much rather have a beer with Joe Biden than with Sarah Palin.

Random Notes:

- A big "boo" to NBC for having their "three commentator roundtable" be two hard-core Republicans (Peggy Noonan and former MA governor Jane Swift), who were very rah-rah-Sarah, along with an NPR commentator (name has slipped my mind) who was trying to be open-minded. Yes, Geraldine Ferraro was asked her opinion, but she fully admitted she was stuck between "I didn't want her to screw up" and "I don't agree with most of the policies."

- I wish Gwen Ifill would not ask "yes/no" leading questions because they promote answers that are free of substance. "Do you agree that ..." "No, I don't, and now I'll talk about something else". Ms. Ifill, ask the "why" leading question instead.

- Dig if you will a picture: John McCain picks a female VP candidate with some serious substance, like Olympia Snowe, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Elizabeth Dole, Condolezza Rice. A debate between Biden and any of those four women would have been something else.

- Biden pulled out the "US has 3% of world's oil reserves yet consumes 25% of the world's production" factoid. Curious, I took a look at oil reserves and oil consumption numbers. If the USA used *only* its own oil reserves, we'd run out in 3 years (details here and here). It's time to look at conservation and at alternative energy sources. "Drill, baby, drill" ain't gonna help much. Alternative energy research and development will, along with creating jobs and a technology advantage. I'm with Obama and Thomas Friedman on this one.
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