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TV Comment: "Heroes" season 3 episode 04

Season 3, Episode 3
"One of Us, One of Them"

Summary: Well, that was actually fun in an "old-style Heroes" kind of way. Why anyone lets Sylar run around loose I don't understand, but we do get some justification for him still being alive. He does continue to prove that he is the baddest bad around. There's a bunch of curious questions left hanging, which I assume we might be answering in the future. Not as many stupid things happening "for some reason" but there's still a couple. All in all, actually a fun episode.

Why they leave Sylar hanging around is beyond me. But, of course, if Mama Petrelli is his mom there's an explanation for not killing him right there. Mama knows what a power-sucking boy needs - more powers!

What do teams of bad guys do? Rob banks! Not armored vehicles, which would be easy with magnetic powers. But banks!

HRG and Sylar. Boy, talk about your mis-matched buddy film pairing!

That is not the same actress who played Claire's biological mom originally, nor is that the same actor who played her brother (who is much older).

A *dozen* criminals got out? We've only seen four - who are the other eight?

"He needs structure". Moms can be so clueless sometimes.

So the bad guys have already turned against each other, and the German is dead. That was quick.

Funny how the African guy's paintings look really similar to Isaac Mendez's paintings. I guess the "future painting" ability only works with one art style. Same white eyeballs, too.

Again, Hiro and Ando are the comic relief. But at least they're having fun. I'm betting that the speedster's employer is somebody we know?

This whole Sylar playing cop thing is a little weird, in a dark humor sort of way.

Alas, Peter has already let the bad guys hurt people at the gas station.

So Ms. Petrelli owns the second half of the formula according to the Haitian.

HRG wants to keep Sylar away from the "buffet", so it's at least understandable why he doesn't want Sylar to come along.

Micah is back! And look at that, Tracy and Niki are likely twins. I thought it was a while ago that Niki died - why is there still a funeral/mourning setup?

Future Peter takes Current Peter out of Knox's body. Well, that's a wild power.

Little mistake by Future Peter, leaving HRG behind with the bad guys. Luckily Sylar is around. With Sylar it's always the telekinesis - the first power he usually picks. And HRG leaves Sylar behind with the powered villains. Oops. Kind of a dumb move there. And it's two villains down.

Doctor Zimmerman's "I created you" - well *that's* an interesting line.

Now wait a minute. Where did Matt get a "future seeing" power? It can be transferred by eating a special goop and listening to music? Nice 9th Wonders comic book there.

Hiro and Ando in jail, the Haitian around to stop everyone's powers. I guess the Haitian doesn't get to go out much. Good to see that HRG hasn't forgotten his primary mission - killing Sylar.

Left Hanging: Where did Future Peter and Current Peter go? What's up with Mohinder? Who does speedy gal work for? What is the formula? What about Elle?

Maybe next week.

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