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poetry and politics

jimvanpelt had an excellent post about how writing poetry can help with the power of your fiction.

I find that when I'm working on a story and writing bits and pieces in a notebook, I end up with poetry-esque utterances. Such as this:

The wind was crisp
nipping at the exposed edges of her face
shoving around green blades of grass
not cold, but hard and steady
an occasional roar in her ears
She was okay now, in her hat, jacket and sweatshirt
but it had the hint of something sinister
that if it turned any colder
would suck the life out of her where she stood

Speaking of poetry and politics, Hart Seely of Slate Magazine shows us the poetry of Sarah Palin's interviews. Actually, in this format, there is surprising depth...

Finally, I saw it Saturday night and laughed so hard I cried. I just watched it again and it's still hilarious. Of course, it's the VP Debate as done by Saturday Night Live. Golden.
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