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TV Comment: "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" s2ep05

"Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles"
Season 2, Episode 5
"Goodbye To All That"

Episode Summary: John and Derek go to a military academy to protect Martin, a future resistance leader being hunted by a Terminator, while Sara and Cameron protect another, younger, Martin. The Martin at the military academy learns about duty and devotion while Sara and the other, younger, Martin bond over The Wizard of Oz.

I joined a tad late, but I see that John and Derek are going after a Martin Bedell while Sara and Cameron are going after another one. For people without a lot of money or jobs, they have nice houses and big cars.

Does everyone in TV say "nu-kyu-lar"? James Ellison, the cop, just did.

We get future scenes with Derek Reese, where he's battling Terminators in a location that reminds him of the military school.

So Derek Reese has enough of a military past so that the head of the school is willing to hire him, along with taking John Connor into the school.

I sure wish I'd found out who Martin Bedell was, and why the Terminators are trying to go all "John Connor" on him.

Oh, Martin Bedell was the Martin in the future who disobeyed the order and went to rescue people.

Locking doors that are full of windows isn't going to do much to stop a Terminator. I'm just saying. And why isn't young Martin saying "who *are* you people? Am I kidnapped?" He finally did.

This scene was certainly coming, where the grizzled veteran (Reese) comes down hard on the over-enthusiastic kid.

These future scenes have a nice level of gritty nastiness to them, as Reese flashes regularly to them.

This episode is about the future and whether or not the future is determined or if it's free will and the future represents the choices you will make. So John asks that question, both about himself and about Martin's future.

Perhaps the title of this episode should be "Waiting for Terminator" as everyone is sitting around waiting for the Terminator to arrive (and preparing for it).

Well, T1001 just killed the plant supervisor guy who was pushing for the big investigation of the nuclear plant. I guess that takes care of that!

"I promise" - people should never say that. I wonder if these scenes with Sara Connor and the kids are setting us up for something nasty. I hope not. It also seems like they're setting up something nasty with the military Martin and Reese.

Yet another bad guy who is bald. It could be time to chat with BALD (Bald Alliance to Limit Defamation) on this trend.

The parallel of the reading of Wizard of Oz story with what's happening in the woods is interesting and fun. Certainly Cameron will be arriving very soon in order to save the say. Actually, no! It was the two guys and the tar pit that saved the day. Cameron hung around and watched. Wonder what *that* was about?

And in the future, Martin died saving John Connor, as does everyone else (according to Reese).

Summary: While this did again feature a Terminator-of-the-Week, it was a different kind of story. The actual Terminator barely appeared at all, and was mostly an external threat used to give us some more insight into character. The relationship between Derek Reese and John Connor is an interesting one, since it's an echo of the relationship in the future. We got another scene with Sara Connor being put into a parenting situation. Is this all that's going to happen to her? I still want to know what the T1000 is planning.
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