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links for lunchtime

- Fantastic Plastic: 20 Essential Works of LEGO Art. Nifty! And Postive! (unlike the other links in this post)

- Robert Reich on the Meltdown, Part I. Summary: Definitely *not* basketfuls of puppydogs with lollipops.

- The End of American Capitalism? 5 Short Takes on Where the Financial Crisis Might Be Headed. Thoughts from five economists.

- Palin Misquotes Albright: "Place In Hell Reserved For Women Who Don't Support Other Women". The massive degrees of bitter, mind-warping, nastiness in that quote and the speech just scare me.

Finally, the witty soundbites related to McCain and Palin are coming fast and furious:

- "Women voting for McCain-Palin is like chickens voting for Col. Sanders.", from Women's Health: Yet Another Issue Sarah Palin is Out of Touch On (at AlterNet)

- McCain's Desperate Claim: Obama is Dangerous. Vote for Me If You Want to Live! (Arianna Huffington)

- Alec Baldwin imitates Sarah Palin on the Bill Maher Show
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