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[writing] well, got something done today

Up this morning and sent a story to Nancy Kress for her to critique. This was my prize in the KGB Fantastic Fiction raffle.

And every time I think "Nancy Kress will critique my story" I get a little "squeee" of awesome!

While the kids went to the school carnival and C went for a run, I then revised another story based on some feedback and sent it out. We'll see what happens.

So that's some writing that got done today. Which hasn't happened a lot in the last week and even in the last month. Time to get back on the horse. As lilithsaintcrow said recently, it's all about slow steady effort. Or, as I've also heard, "just shut up and write".

My reward for this will be to watch "Fight Club" before going to get E from the Homecoming Dance. And so will end Saturday.
Tags: life, writing

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