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a baker's dozen of links

I cleaned out my "do something with this" email folder and here's all the links I found. Enjoy!

- Webcast: A Preview of iPhoneLive. A presentation previewing the iPhoneLive conference coming to San Jose in November (recording of presentation should be available soon). I watched the presentation and came away very stoked about the conference and iPhone development!

- The Big Picture - The Sun (at, via initialdescent). Ooooooooooo. Beautiful.

- Merlin myths and links with Wales. Historical information about the Merlin legend. Interesting, especially for Arthur/Merlin fans.

- The Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites. Not any more. Something here for everyone.

- 10 Best Unsung Web Comics (article written by egriffith!!). Weird, funny, sweet. I should read more of these. Don't miss the link to "10 Wicked Awesome Webcomics" in the article.

- So Open It Hurts. Living your life on the web, including when it gets really really rough. Long, but very intriguing look at a new way of living a public life.

- Ancient Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection. Pre-Jesus Jewish writings of a Messiah who rises from the dead after three days. A serious "WTF?" to many a Biblical and religious scholar.

- Scratch Game - Imagine, Program, Share. Interactive multimedia creations, for young and old alike. Looks like a nice way to get kids interesting in storytelling and programming.

- Physics professor (and SF writer) dr_phil_physics on homework and studying. Good advice from the prof. I'm passing this on to kids all around.

- The Deep and Meaningful Winnie-The-Pooh Character Test (at, might require registration). Which one are you? I bet I end up as Pooh.

- Mars on Earth (at BoingBoing). The Mars Society Desert Research Station tries to create Mars-like scenarios on Earth. For the wannabe Mars-onaut in all of us.

- Google Maps Changing The Way We See The World. Mapping the world, via Google. Remember the iPhoneLive Conference link at the start? Here comes the hyperlocal future, via mobile devices!
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